CPS Earthquake Appeal

Please read our newsletter for more information on the situation, or download this appeal as a PDF.

On Saturday 25th April at 11.45am, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake centered approximately 80 miles from Kathmandu rocked Nepal with devastating force. It has left 5,854 people dead (with the death toll expected to rise), 13,827 injured and 148,326 homes collapsed.

The Orphanage trustees, Julia, Karen and Jan, were on their annual (self funded) visit to the Orphanage and experienced the earthquake first hand.

Luckily, during the first earthquake, they had taken the children, together with the staff, on a picnic up in the hills of Nargakot. This turned out to be a blessing as they were in the open countryside and away from collapsing buildings.

They were all traumatised by the experience but it wasn�t until they set out on their journey home that they realised the enormity of the devastation around them.

It is now 6 days since the devastating earthquake hit and the Nepali Government is being very slow to provide immediate aid. CPS Orphanage trustees have therefore decided to implement a plan to help at grass root level.

They will facilitate immediate aid by sending financial support to be spent on the following:-

  1. Provide food, drinking water, blankets, shelter and dry clothing to neighbouring families in need.
  2. Apply to authorities to offer a permanent home for 4 children who have been orphaned by the earthquake.
  3. To offer temporary foster care to children whose families are intact but need time to re-establish their homes.

CPS Nepal will continue to channel any financial support directly to the surrounding community of the Orphanage and beyond. Please be assured that 100% of your donations are passed on to the Orphanage and aid effort. As a small charity we strongly believe that nothing should be taken for administrative purposes and all money donated is passed on.

Donating Ways to Donate

Thank you for your support in this crisis, every donation, be it big or small, will make a difference.

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