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Thank You A big Thank You

The generosity of our supporters enables us to give the children of CPS Nepal a good education, essential healthcare and a loving and safe environment. We are all very grateful.

Donating How to donate

If you wish to donate, please visit our PayPal Donate page. Thank you!

If you wish to set up a monthly standing order, please feel free to send us an email. Also, if you're planning on doing a sponsored run, sky-dive, bungee jump or something similar, please bear CPS in mind! It is a fun way to help us keep the orphanage running, and to help us provide a loving home for more children in the future.

Your Donation What your donation can do

The total cost of sponsoring a child for one month is approximately £44.

Please be assured that every single penny you donate is passed on to the orphanage and accounted for. Bharat provides monthly accounts with receipts which are audited regularly.

Your donation... Can pay for...
50p per child

One month's electricity bills


Fuel & Bike Maintenance for one month

£1 per child

One month's gas bills


One month of college fees

One month's worth of misc. household expenditure

per child per year

School Uniforms & shoes for the children

£3.50 per child per year

Exercise/Text books for the children

£3.50 per child

Medical reserve money per month

£20 per child per month

Yearly school fees

£13 per child

Rent for one month

£27 per child

Food to feed 25 for one month